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About Jens van Daele

In recent years, Jens van Daele (1972, Antwerp) makes his performances under the name of Jens van Daele’s Burning Bridges. It is a temporary collective of artists: dancers, musicians, writers, actors and dramatists. They build bridges together, but can also burn them again.

With the Swiss / French Ensemble Batida he made Spring Tide in 2013. This performance is inspired by Igor Stravinsky ‘Le Sacre du Printemps’. By 2015, it is British art painter Lucian Freud who serves as an inspiration for About Lucian. Inspiration for a performance are not only grandmasters from Russia or England. He also finds it closer to home. The life story of his own parents is central to Over Onze Vader. He combines for the first time his distinctive raw dance and live music with genuine text theater.

Biography Jens van Daele

Jens van Daele was born in 1972 in Belgium. He was trained in classical dance at the City Institute for Ballet in Antwerp. His carrier as a dancer began at the Walloon Royal Ballet. Consequently he pursued dancing for Introdance, Canadian O Vertigo Danse, Conny Jansen Danst, Rogie & Company and Club Guy & Roni. He also danced for a variety of the workplace productions of the Theater Lantaren/Venster in Rotterdam. He was awarded the prestigious dance award the Swan in 2004 for his role in Spring by Rogie & Company.

Jens Van Daele started creating his own choreographies in 1999. Via Dancestudios and Lantaren-Venster, he found his spot at the Theater Workplace Generale Oost. Here he created Perfecti and Int./Ext. Moreover he started his research of the seven cardinal sins at the GO, which resulted in Ira (2005), Invidia (with the dance group Krisztina de Châtel, 2006), Gula (GO, 2007), Sloth (GO, 2008). He created three location shows for the Oerol Festival on Terschelling, Sailor”s Wives (2005), Flangs Plak (2006) and Witches on Speed (2007). Along with the work that he made for GO, Van Daele also created La Flétrissure (2006) for 2 Move DC and Concrete/Heartbeat (2002) for Conny Janssen Danst. During the years a strong connection developed between the composer Greg Smith, light designer Tom Verheijen and Van Daele. This successful collaboration will only get more profound in the future. In 2008 Van Daele decided to end his dance career of 18 years, to be able to dedicate himself completely to creating choreographies.

Powerful, unpolished but poetic
“I see my work as being powerful, unpolished and poetic. My starting point is never abstract. I”m not the one who will dish out beautiful but simple ballet. I always work from emotions, a story or a theme that is of interest to me. I act from within my gut feeling, and my instincts, intuition, associations… to eventually be able to extract them and transform them into the language of dance, that is technically demanding and powerful.

I would like to take the audience on a trip along these basic emotions with each of my choreographies. I would like to touch people on all levels. In other words: pain is pain, and the audience is allowed to feel it. I would like to have an audience that can come up to me after the show and tell me how beautiful they thought it was, but also that they are still shaken from the blow. In order to achieve this, I open all the emotional registers within an audience. Let those bellies overflow. There is no laying back and being served, nothing else but beauty. I make people “think” with their gut.”

Jens Van Daele connects pure dance to extreme theatre language in his work. He is not a story teller when it comes to chronologic tales, and he doesn”t create dance performances where nothing else counts but beautiful movements. His work is accessible to a large audience. All you have to do as a viewer, is surrender to what happens on the dance floor, and the shows will enter your being themselves. Explosive, raw, powerful, fast and expressive.

Jens van Daele

Jens van Daele

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