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NachtHexen II: La Parisienne

A secret
Buried in a diary
NachtHexen are leaving their houses
Going into the streets
Into the city of light
A night of terror, opposition and incomprehension
the current time
I’m hearing the sound of  despair and courage
I taste the fear on their dried out lips
Mouths that keep on declaring resistance
I sence the togetherness
Donors of power during barre days
Beacons of light in a darkened city
Strong woman in fiercely times

By the collective Jens van Daele’s Burning Bridges
Powerful and modest dance
Strong and sensitive theatre
Penetrating and stilled live music

A Parisienne and her entourage reveal themselves in a poignant dance concert based on an emotional, sincere diary account of the attacks in Paris on the night of 13-14 November 2015.

La Parisienne is a multidisciplinary performance, based on a personal account of the Parisian Cécile Lassonde. It is the sequel to the successful first part Jeanne. Cécile is a player at Jens van Daele | Burning Bridges and found herself in her hometown during this night of terror. Together with two musicians and five dancers, she sketches her experience.

That night Van Daele asked her to walk the streets of Paris and to taste the atmosphere of the city and its people. Feelings of despair, fear, disbelief, disgust and rage mingle with courage, pride, militancy and sorrow as she bravely ventures on the Parisian streets. This performance is not intended as a political or religious position. It is about the feelings that the terrorist acts elicited and about what these atrocities do to a person. It is also a tribute to all victims all over the world. La Parisienne is “the window to the world”.

Jens van Daele

Jens van Daele

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